Sunshine Care Partners - 2/16/2015 (Tulsa, OK)

Sunshine Care Partners announces new territory license owner in Oklahoma

Sunshine Care Partners opens Creek County, OKLAHOMA and welcomes territory owner Don Cahwee, Sapulpa resident.  Mr. Cahwee also owns Allcare Hospice based in downtown Sapulpa. 

Beginning in 2015 Medicare began reimbursing qualified healthcare providers for providing chronic care management and care transition services to those beneficiaries who suffered from 2 or more chronic illnesses, over 35 million people.

Sunshine Care Partners provides Chronic Care Management and Care Transition services to physicians, non-profits and agencies, long term care communities, Medicare Advantage programs, and hospitals for implementation of chronic care management and care transition services for patients using our proprietary IntellPatient software platform and individual local Sunshine Care Partners.

Creek County by the numbers

US Census quickfacts states 16.9% of people in Creek County are 65 and older, the Oklahoma state average is 14.5%.  13,072 Medicare beneficiaries with Part A and Part B coverage, including both those enrolled with fee-for-service plans (8,813) and Medicare Advantage plans (4,259).

“Creek County offers a diverse demographic, and a large Medicare population who suffer from chronic illnesses.  68.9% of every Medicare beneficiary suffers from 2 or more chronic illnesses and qualify for this new Medicare benefit.  There are over 9,000 Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for this new benefit in CREEK COUNTY alone.  This benefit is life changing for many”, said Rusty McMurray Sunshine Care Partners President.  Individual Sunshine Care Partners work with patients in conjunction with their primary care physicians to reach out to patients weekly to check on them, help arrange community services, talk with family, and follow the physician plan of care.

Rollout will begin immediately, for more information please contact Rusty McMurray 918-734-0908 or Don Cahwee 918-636-1612.