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Skilled Nursing Residents,

Sunshine Care provides you guidance managing your chronic illness, discharges from ANY in-patient setting, and serves as your advocate utilizing community and healthcare services. You are partnered with a single individual, a Sunshine Care Partner™ to get to know you and your needs, and to serve as your guide and advocate for life.  Our goal is to enhance your quality of life, and to provide a comprehensive approach to the quality of healthcare care for you and your loved one as you live with chronic illness.  We work hand in hand with your existing physicians individual plan on care.

 Sunshine Care is your light on a cloudy day.

Physicians, Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Facilties,

As value based medicine begins to impact practices through reimbursement, the full impact on that change is still unknown. 

However, Chronic Care Management and Transition Coordination reimbursement is a good first step.  Medicare allows you as a physician to develop programs which can be outsourced to further expand your oversight of your chronically ill Medicare patients.

Chronically ill patients need an extra level of care planning and oversight to help maintain quality of life.  Let Sunshine Care Partners help provide this service to your patients based on YOUR plan of care, our 24/7 Sunshine Care Partner, and local home and community based services. 

Call today for more information: 1-918-304-8119.

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