• Geriatric Primary Care to the general community at Sunshine Care area clinics
  • Geriatric Primary Care and Medical Director services to Long Term Care properties
  • Transitional Care services to LTC/Post Acute/ Hospitals
  • Patient Wellness screenings
  • Chronic Care MGMT Services
  • AMS Certified Infection Prevention, Surveillance and Prevention Programs

Did you know...

Virtual PCP Clinics

Because of your promise to your residents and their families to provide Optimal Healthcare and an improved quality of life within their lifetime at your facility, we offer a wide range of health services, which mirror the promise to your residents - all within a turnkey package at no cost to your property.

  • fewer hospital admissions and re-admissions 
  • fewer emergency room visits
  • fewer days spent in the hospital
  • transition from hospitalization back to YOUR property
  • 24/7 access to healthcare providers
  • virtual and face 2 face rounds on regular basis

At no cost to your community, our Virtual Health Clinics combine virtual and face to face visits by licensed practitioners.  Sunshine Virtual Healthcare Clinics work in conjunction with your staff to improve quality of life for each resident. 

Sunshine Care Virtual Health Clinics provide your property with nearly unlimited healthcare services, which were at one time only accessible when venturing outside your independent living or assisted living community.  

Over 26,000 of our most frail and elderly loved ones are isolated in nursing homes across Oklahoma.

Nursing Home Residents have no face to face contact with family during the COVID-19 lockdown.  They need conversation and prayer.  Residents opportunities to participate in routine prayer and worship services are eliminated during this pandemic,

Over 26,000 who’s spiritual needs are so very significant, due to their illness and in some cases during their final stages of life.

Sunshine Care difference for your facility

We Provide

Sunshine 24/7

Want to lower your weekend hospitalizations in your Long Term Care or Post Acute property?  Utilize our SUNSHINE 24/7 - Weekend Coverage Service!  Our Practitioners are Emergency Room trained, ready when you need them, Friday 6pm thru Monday 6am.  No cost to your property.