Ministry Partner

If you or a loved one are in need of prayer, please submit your prayer request here to one of our Prayer Partners. 

  • Prayer with Nursing Home Residents
  • Sunshine Prayer Phone at each nursing home for residents to use to call for Prayer or to take regular prayer outreach calls to nursing home residents
  • 24/7 prayer partner access
  • No cost to nursing home
  • No cost to patient
  • Volunteers to pray for and with residents of nursing homes, assisted living, or at home an just alone.

Bob Thomas Ministries is Sunshine Care Ministry Partner and serves as Executive Chaplin and Donation Coordinator for our Sunshine Care Prayer Partner Program.

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How the Prayer Partner Program began...

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Did you know...

Over 26,000 of our most frail and elderly loved ones are isolated in nursing homes across Oklahoma.

Nursing Home Residents have no face to face contact with family during the COVID-19 lockdown.  They need conversation and prayer.  Residents opportunities to participate in routine prayer and worship services are eliminated during this pandemic,

Over 26,000 who’s spiritual needs are so very significant, due to their illness and in some cases during their final stages of life.

Would you like to change this situation, would you like to be a voice of ministry to a loved one whose spiritual needs are significant? Would you like to be part of a ministry that is currently not available to these loved ones?

Will you help us fill this spiritual need?