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AMS OnSite, Sunshine Care Partners Announce Partnership in Fight
Against COVID-19

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Oct. 13, 2020 - AMS OnSite and Sunshine Care
Partners today announced a new strategic partnership to fight and prevent
COVID-19 in nursing homes, while continuing to provide the highest quality
of care to those most in need.
The new collaboration between AMS OnSite, the nation’s leading infection
control and prevention (ICP) clinical practice dedicated exclusively to the
long-term care community, and Sunshine Care Partners, an industry-leading
chronic care and transitional care management service, offers nursing homes
a unique opportunity to address the most pressing infection control and
prevention concerns, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic and the
upcoming flu season.
Sterisis, AMS OnSite's most comprehensive ICP program, uses rapid-result
PCR testing to test for 37 different respiratory pathogens, including COVID-
19. Certified Infection Preventionists work hand-in-hand with nursing facility
clinicians to ease their CDC and regulatory burdens while monitoring
residents’ health information in real time to stay ahead of potential
outbreaks. Sunshine Care Partners uses a combination of proprietary real-
time health record analytics and algorithms to determine the best course of
care uniquely tailored to each patient.
Combining world-class infection control and prevention practices and state-
of-the-art proactive healthcare will give these facilities every tool necessary
to combat COVID-19, while improving the outcomes of their residents.
“Our proprietary Social Care Model has become our cornerstone in helping
patients fight, not only their physical illnesses, but also the effects of
depression and isolation during COVID-19 lockdowns,” said Sunshine Care
Partners CEO Rusty McMurray. “Too often the patients we serve live in
isolation, desperate for contact and connection. Our services and technology
give nursing homes the tools to be able to treat both the physical pain and
emotional pain residents may feel during these uncertain times.”
G. Ellsworth Harris, Co-founder and CEO of AMS OnSite, added: “In order to
protect residents from COVID-19, influenza and a host of other infections,
long-term care leaders must prioritize comprehensive infection control and
prevention measures, to include frequent testing, sound infection prevention
mentorship and infection surveillance methods that leverage real-time health
data to stay ahead of outbreaks. Sunshine Care Partners provides the
technology, clinical leadership, guidance, confidence and --ultimately -- for
the incredible workers and the residents, which they both serve.”AMS OnSite and Sunshine Care Partners’ medical practice programs follow all
CDC guidelines and CMS requirements to improve the quality of life of
nursing home residents during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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