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Sunshine Care Partners reaches 10,000 elderly patients served in Oklahoma in 36 months

Sunshine Care Partners serves chronically ill elderly, and transitional Medicare patients from inpatient hospitalization or post-acute stay.  Sunshine Care Partners primarily contracts with Long Term Care Facilities, Post-Acute, and Hospital Groups.  “Over the last 36 months, Sunshine Care Partners has expanded throughout Oklahoma nursing homes, post-acute facilities, and hospitals serving patients in both rural and metro settings” says company CEO Rusty McMurray.  Currently Sunshine Care Partners serve companies whose facilities provide care for almost 75% of all Oklahoma Long Term Care residents.  Over the last 36 months Sunshine Care Partners has grown from 0 to over 10,000 Oklahoman's served. 

“I am most excited about opening up the Dallas Forth Worth and Los Angeles market spaces, not because those markets are 2-4 times larger than the entire state of Oklahoma, but the fact we are bringing service offerings to these areas, developed in Oklahoma, and have little to no competition in those markets.  We are bringing new outcomes-based care to the elderly” says company COO Kevin Turner.  

Sunshine Care Partners Chief People Officer Bill Turner states, “Our unique face2face and Telehealth model combines personal face2face services combined with valuable telehealth services.  All healthcare providers know healthcare is a local home and community-based service model.  Outcomes prove this model works.”

Sunshine Care Partners is working with Oklahoma Legislators and Oklahoma Career-Tech representatives to design curriculum for the Oklahoma Career-Tech system in a public/private partnership to train 21st Century Telehealth workers through Oklahoma’s world class Career-Tech system.  “With over $1.5 Billion spent in Oklahoma building our Career-Tech system over the last decade, our Career-Tech system in set to develop 21st century Telehealth workers who can not only serve Oklahoman's but every American”, states company CEO, Rusty McMurray.

Sunshine Care Partners is an Oklahoma Corporation.  For more information about Sunshine Care Partners, please contact Bill Turner at 405-664-5779.

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